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Fair Questions: Why do progressives insist that Trump must be generally a bigot?

As has been documented before, there’s not good evidence that Trump is generally a bigot.  He doesn’t appear to hold overtly racist views, though he certainly seems to have an incorrect perspective on what life is like for most black … Continue reading

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The New Gods of the Gaps

Recently, I’ve been noticing a trend in argumentation.  As a philosopher, arguments and their uses are a subject of great interest to me.  One of the phrases used by both Christians and atheists to describe a fallacious teleological argument is … Continue reading

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A Dystopian Satire

In his video entitled #Equality, Neel Kolhatkar presents a dystopian future in which a time traveler who happens to be a person of pale, male, heterosexual, and cisgender qualities arrives in a future world in which true equality has been … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Why do people dislike “Social Justice Warriors” so much?

Today I went to a session with Keith Edwards, an educator who specializes in helping people act in ways that will prevent sexual violence, and also approaches it from within the wider framework of a social justice advocate.  I recommend … Continue reading

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