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Fair Questions: Why do progressives insist that Trump must be generally a bigot?

As has been documented before, there’s not good evidence that Trump is generally a bigot.  He doesn’t appear to hold overtly racist views, though he certainly seems to have an incorrect perspective on what life is like for most black … Continue reading

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The Progressive Analysis

This is not an analysis of the Progressive movement in the U.S.  Nor is it an attempt to understand the philosophical assumptions of progressives.  Previously, I have written about the philosophical assumptions of both progressives and conservatives, and I started … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Who is responsible for fighting poverty?

One of my friends shared a link to an article about a political figure who suggested that we could reduce healthcare costs dramatically by trying to reduce emergency room visits.  Predictably, the top commenter made a snarky remark about letting … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: What are the Tenets of Progressivism?

Previously I have written about what demarcates conservatism from other political philosophies, and now I would like to examine progressivism in the interest of fairness.  As a disclaimer, I must admit that I am not a progressive.  This is not … Continue reading

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