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The Ghost of Confederates Future

Editorial Note: I started writing this quite a long time ago, which will become obvious because some of the references I make will be to things that have happened in the past. Over at National Review, Charles C. W. Cook … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Is Christianity an inherently political system of thought?

A couple of years ago, I was asked this question by a friend, and I thought it worth revisiting today, on the the day we honor Martin Luther King Jr. ¬†Especially so because many of his political ideals were shaped … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Why are chastity talks so often so awful?

I recently stumbled across a delightfully humorous description of the different types of speakers on chastity commonly found in Christian youth ministry circles.¬† It reminded me of the chastity talks I experienced at my middle school and high school and … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Were early Christians socialists?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who happens to be a Franciscan friar pointed out during his homily that it is mentioned in the Bible that the early Christian community shared everything in common.¬† This was connected with … Continue reading

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Applied Theology: Love and Relationships

The ancient Greeks had the understanding that love and relationships are strongly associated with each other, but I have to wonder whether or not they understood that love and relationships have rather different natures.  They had several words that we … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Want To Argue With Atheists

When I first read the post If I wanted to argue with atheists by SirNickDon, I was sympathetic with his points about objectivism as he described it, very much agreeing that there is no neutral ground on which we can … Continue reading

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