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Fair Questions: Why do progressives insist that Trump must be generally a bigot?

As has been documented before, there’s not good evidence that Trump is generally a bigot.  He doesn’t appear to hold overtly racist views, though he certainly seems to have an incorrect perspective on what life is like for most black … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Were early Christians socialists?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who happens to be a Franciscan friar pointed out during his homily that it is mentioned in the Bible that the early Christian community shared everything in common.  This was connected with … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: What is socialism?

One of my friends asked a question on Facebook after being unable to find a useful answer by other means.  The following is my extended answer to the question and some general observations. As a general piece of advice I’ll … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Whence inequality?

I was once asked to identify the root cause of inequality.  While many people would talk about capitalism or the state at this point, I think that the roots are much deeper than ideology. From a naturalistic perspective, inequality is … Continue reading

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