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The Conceptual Hoax: A Blind Review

At the end of my previous post about the recent hoax paper entitled “The Conceptual Penis” I briefly alluded to the fact that this paper’s acceptance through the peer review process should concern all of us, even those of us … Continue reading

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The Conceptual Hoax: A Limp Trick

The recent hoax written about in Skeptic magazine has resulted in, no doubt, many terrible puns in response to the satirical article’s title, “The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct.” Understandably, the authors of the article think that their hoax … Continue reading

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Does positive reinforcement work long-term?

In a very well-written article for Moultrie News, Jody Stallings addresses the topic of positive reinforcement as an educational tool.  His first point is that while positive reinforcement does seem to have benefits, it has stark limits. His central claims … Continue reading

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The Meme-Based Implicit Bias Test

The joys of memes are many, and so are their uses.  But it didn’t occur to me until recently that at least some memes could be used as implicit bias tests.  In fact, this meme shared repeatedly over the past … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: How should I punch a punching bag?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me for some tips on starting to use a punching bag.  As someone who has done many things wrong while punching a heavy bag and learned from those mistakes, I can provide 3 quick … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Why not have multiple genders?

Over at Everyday Feminism, Suzannah Weiss explains her personal journey into the land of non-binary understandings of her own gender identity.  It’s quite instructive to read, for a variety of reasons. Apparently, as a young woman she was socially discouraged … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Are those who call Trump a white supremacist just crying wolf?

The author of SlateStarCodex is a very intelligent and well-read person who is politically and culturally on the liberal/progressive part of the American political spectrum, and he recently came out and delivered a surprising message to the other members of … Continue reading

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