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She’s just not that interested in you…

Recently, I stumbled upon an article about a scientific study done on men’s ability to judge a woman’s sexual interest in them.  Unsurprisingly to anyone who has any experience with human social interactions (and I’m sure to 100% of women), … Continue reading

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Jessica Jones: Fear is the Mind-Killer

By Source, Fair use, I decided to continue taking advantage of my free trial of Netflix by watching the Jessica Jones television series.  The series draws on various parts of the comics that featured her as a recurring character … Continue reading

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As the Trump Turns: The Attacker has Become the Attacked

It’s long been observed (and recently much more eloquently than I could explain it) that Trump is a sort of champion of Americans who are upset by and weary of the direction the United States has been going.  Specifically, many rural … Continue reading

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Luke Cage: Love Your Enemies

By Source, Fair use, At this point, I’ve watched the first 11 episodes of Luke Cage.  This is the first Marvel television series (based on the comics) I’ve felt interested enough about to actually sit down and watch, so … Continue reading

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