Can Suicide Squad get DC to back away from the ledge?

I watched the Suicide Squad movie last weekend with a group of friends.  I was hoping we would settle on a different movie to watch, but I tried to keep an open mind about seeing something else.

I’ve been deeply underwhelmed by DC’s movie offerings lately.  The Batman trilogy that Christopher Nolan directed was quite enjoyable, but the Superman and Green Lantern offerings were just unappealing.  Their trailers effectively sold me on not watching them at all.  And then Batman v. Superman came out.  Even though I love the basic idea of pitting Batman against Superman as a lead-up to the establishment of the Justice League, the trailer and the plot synopsis I read wasn’t appealing enough to get me to make a concerted effort to see it.

I really enjoyed those comic book characters as a child and would naturally be drawn to movies featuring those characters.  Unfortunately, DC seems committed to having mediocre writing and a director who doesn’t seem to have a basic understanding of the characters he’s working with on the Superman films.  I had basically given up on DC managing a decent film offering without Christopher Nolan directing it.

And then I watched Suicide Squad.  It felt a little patchy in places, as if someone had done some sewing to put a new piece of cloth on an old garment.  Occasionally the humor flopped.  Some of the character development could have been better.  The political intrigue should have been written a bit better.

But on the whole, the movie was actually enjoyable.  The acting was excellent, on the whole.  The ways in which the movie helped me to care about the characters were sometimes ham-fisted, but it worked.  Some of the action sequences were a bit dull, but many of them were quite good.  It wasn’t a technically flawless film, but it was fun and exciting and the characters worked well together.

I’m hoping that this is the beginning of DC stepping away from the film-making ledge it has been perched on, staring into the abyss of movies that just don’t live up to the hype and the hopes of people who just want to see their favorite heroes (or villains) win the day.

Don’t jump off the ledge, DC.  We all want you to live and thrive, and the Suicide Squad film can help point you in a better direction.

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