As the Trump Turns: The Winner has Become the Loser

Well, it looks like Trump was a late bloomer in the Republican primary process, not really picking up enough steam to become the presumptive nominee until fairly late in the process.  At the same time, his poll numbers looking toward the general election have told the opposite story.

He was fairly strong in some polls early on, with those polls showing Trump and Clinton very close to one another in the polls in about the proportions we have seen in Presidential elections during the last few cycles.  But after a strong early showing, Trump is now losing horribly in those polls.

Over at FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver’s best prediction based on the current polling data (and his predictions are usually at least close) shows Hillary Clinton with a 77.5% chance of winning and Donald Trump with a 22.4% chance of winning.  These numbers will no doubt shift over the coming months, but it would take an unprecedented shift to get Trump out of the hole he has managed to dig for himself.

It’s certainly possible that Trump, a man unafraid of doing things that are highly unusual to accomplish unprecedented things in the political arena, will step up to the plate and take a swing at recovering from this setback.  All we can do is watch as the Trump turns and see what happens.

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