The Clinton Classified E-mail Climax

James Comey, currently the head of the FBI, issued a statement regarding the FBI investigation into the personal e-mail server Hillary Clinton used during her time at the State Department.  I recommend watching it on C-SPAN  if you get the chance.  It’s fascinating to see the side-by-side comparison of the statements made by James Comey and the statements made by Hillary Clinton on this subject.

It’s pretty apparent that Hillary Clinton was either gravely mistaken about the facts of her own handling of classified information or was intentionally lying about those facts.  And it’s quite possible that she just has not a single clue about data security, which is perhaps as deeply worrying as the possibility of her intentionally lying.  After all, we expect our politicians to lie, but we also expect some basic competence.

But what difference does it make?

The deeply irritating repetitious articles and videos from right-leaning news sources will continue to beat the same old drum to the tune of Hillary Clinton being untrustworthy.   The soft denials that it’s actually that big of a deal and insistences that we still need to vote for her will no doubt continue to issue from the usual left-leaning sources.

Not that many Democrats and independents who will be voting for her in November disagree that she’s untrustworthy.  Many members of the party aren’t exactly excited about another Clinton administration, even if the last one was during a time of economic success.  She has a serious credibility problem even among the people likely to be voting for her.

If things continue as they are, then I hope she sends Donald Trump a gold-foil embossed Thank You card when she is inaugurated, because if not for Trump, this would likely have turned too many people against her and she may well have lost the election to a less terrible Republican candidate than the insecure billionaire with the tiny hands.

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