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Fair Questions: Did Tim Kaine discard his beliefs about abortion to gain power?

There have been quite a few people in the Catholic segment of the blogosphere upset about Tim Kaine’s recent position on abortion.  In an op-ed published by CNN, Carter Snead points out that Kaine has recently changed his position on … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Vulnerable

Recently, I read another article over at The Good Men Project, and this one was written by a woman who is imploring men to listen to their concerns rather than dismissing them as irrational or overly sensitive. It’s easy for … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Hooking Up

I was recently reading an article written by a professor of Philosophy about the damaging and toxic affects of hook-up culture on women.  She notes that many of her contemporaries find it baffling to think that the sexual freedoms fought … Continue reading

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As the Trump Turns: The Winner has Become the Loser

Well, it looks like Trump was a late bloomer in the Republican primary process, not really picking up enough steam to become the presumptive nominee until fairly late in the process.  At the same time, his poll numbers looking toward … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Do soldiers need penance for being in just wars?

This article from Brookings is one of the best I’ve ever read on the social implications of how we view military service and the moral hazards of being in the military, especially during combat operations. One of the issues discussed … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Are philosophers engaging in ideological policing?

Over at Daily Nous, there was a post about an incident of the rejection of a paper during the peer-review process being brought up by the submitter as an instance of ideological policing.  I went to read the source material … Continue reading

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The Clinton Classified E-mail Climax

James Comey, currently the head of the FBI, issued a statement regarding the FBI investigation into the personal e-mail server Hillary Clinton used during her time at the State Department.  I recommend watching it on C-SPAN  if you get the … Continue reading

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