As the Trump Turns: The Teacher has Become the Student

Back in February, I investigated the evidence that Donald Trump was a man who could not be bought, a man who was not beholden to special interests.  At the time, those who were in favor of Trump insisted that the fact that he was largely financing his own campaign by loaning his campaign a bunch of money was by itself a good indication that he could not be bought.

Well, it was the ONLY indication that he could not be bought.  And that last standing argument has just been knocked down by Trump himself.  He has hired hedge fund manager who was happy to work with George Soros (Trump’s sworn enemy for one whole day) in the past to raise money for the Democrats.  He has begun to rapidly change his positions to match his changing political goals (again), including his tax plan.

His Vice Presidential suggestions (John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker) are picks that make a great deal of sense for an establishment politician, but not for an outsider trying to change things.  Back in December, I examined the issue of whether Donald Trump is an anti-establishment candidate, and came down on the side of him being a fairly typical new politician from the business world.  We’ve seen it over and over, with folks like Mitt Romney, Michael Bloomberg, and so on.

It’s also perfectly normal for establishment politicians to modify their positions when the primaries are over and the general election season begins.  Hillary Clinton has positioned herself to do just that by taking care with her words and trying to spice-up her boring, poll-tested positions.  Donald Trump does the same thing, but much more recklessly.  He doesn’t seem to care who knows that he’s playing the usual political game without the political correctness to constrain his lies.

He will blatantly flip-flop right after becoming the presumptive nominee, because he doesn’t need the votes of all his core supporters anymore.  He knows that he needs to move in a direction that can help him win the general election, and he is following the well-trod path of leaving his core supporters behind in order to become more palatable to a larger portion of the electorate.

The man who would be our King and make America great again is now saddling up to ride out and take care of business as usual.  The man who was going to teach a hard lesson to all those nasty and corrupt establishment politicians in Washington is now learning from their strategies and adopting their standard practices.  Oh, how the teacher has become the student…

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