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A Hill to Die On: Cassocks and Chasubles

Recently, an article in the National Catholic Reporter (notable for being a platform for non-Catholic and anti-Catholic views), stirred up some controversy.  A young priest has responded to some of the remarks made in that article which struck him as … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Why don’t I date nice girls?

Recently, I was prompted to read an article by a woman who has refused men’s attempts to get her to have sex despite the fact that many of them would be considered nice guys by contemporary standards.  It’s often difficult … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Should Pope Francis study deaconesses?

Recently, there was quite a bit of uproar over remarks Pope Francis made in response to a question.  Oddly, this time it wasn’t on an airplane, as it so often has been.  Nonetheless, America magazine, that most famous of Jesuit … Continue reading

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As the Trump Turns: The Teacher has Become the Student

Back in February, I investigated the evidence that Donald Trump was a man who could not be bought, a man who was not beholden to special interests.  At the time, those who were in favor of Trump insisted that the … Continue reading

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