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Profound Insight from Cosmo

I’ll be filing this one under the “blog titles I never expected to use” category.  About every six months, I get linked to a Cosmo article by some means.  In the interest of fairness and open-mindedness, I am perennially willing … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Do we need more welders than philosophers?

As one of what is likely a small minority of contemporary philosophers who have ever used an acetylene torch or arc welder, this question is particularly interesting for me.  Marco Rubio’s claim that we need more welders than philosophers during … Continue reading

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A Dystopian Satire

In his video entitled #Equality, Neel Kolhatkar presents a dystopian future in which a time traveler who happens to be a person of pale, male, heterosexual, and cisgender qualities arrives in a future world in which true equality has been … Continue reading

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After the Synod: The Once and Future Battlefield

Previously, I wrote a post entitled The Usual Suspicions explaining a growing public conflict among practicing Catholics who tend to be suspicious of one another, and that this conflict seems to run suspiciously closely along the ideological lines that divide … Continue reading

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After the Synod: The Battlefield After the Field Hospital

Pope Francis has repeatedly invoked the image of a field hospital after a battle as a means of understanding the role of the Catholic Church in the modern world.  He very much sees the Church which he currently shepherds as … Continue reading

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