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Just the Opinions, Ma’am!

This morning I read a piece from back in 2004 by a university professor, the sort of university professor who is asked to give a speech at an Ivy League school, no less.  This professor is part of the cream … Continue reading

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Sisterhood of the Missing Pants

Today I was confronted with what seemed like a non-issue in the news, an indicator that not much else of interest was going on.  I now work for a University which has an active Greek community, which is probably why … Continue reading

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Unfair Questions: Do you agree with Pope Francis on the environment?

One of the popular questions being asked by Catholics and those who like to ask questions of Catholics is essentially this: “Do you agree with Pope Francis on the environment?” What they typically want to know is whether or not … Continue reading

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Mythology Now: The Strong Person

We “modern” people of the technological age tend to think of mythology as something from the past, but myth is still very much alive today, and it is in some ways just as pervasive as ever precisely because we are … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Confederates Present

Recently, there was a piece in The New Yorker which called attention to a capital case from Caddo Parish in Louisiana.  There are many things to like about Louisiana; there are many good people there, many fine foods, and many … Continue reading

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The Progressive Analysis

This is not an analysis of the Progressive movement in the U.S.  Nor is it an attempt to understand the philosophical assumptions of progressives.  Previously, I have written about the philosophical assumptions of both progressives and conservatives, and I started … Continue reading

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Unfair Questions: What number of lovers is too high?

Over at the Good Men Project, a site I sometimes enjoy and sometimes facepalm at, an article was posted which purported to answer a question from a man who is unsure about whether or not he should date a woman … Continue reading

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