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Fair Questions: What can be done to protect same-sex couples from discrimination?

One of my friends shared with me an excellent legal analysis of the recent RFRA bill signed into law in Indiana.  I would highly recommend that anyone who either supports or opposes it read the analysis because it does a … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Why is the outrage over the Indiana RFRA understandable?

Recently, I witnessed what might be described as an explosion of outrage on social media and in news outlets regarding the recent passage of a state version of the federal government’s almost unanimously-supported Clinton-era bill by the name of the … Continue reading

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The Problem with Problem-Solving: Collaborative or Systematic?

In my experience in the business world, which has at times been deeply worrying, prompted me to grow, and helped me to develop my moral sense, I have learned a great deal.  One thing I have learned about in more … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Why would an ASI destroy us intentionally?

Recently I read a Popular Science article that discussed the impacts of artificial intelligence on our society.  The author correctly points out that there are much more immediate threats to us from artificial intelligence than an artificial super intelligence run … Continue reading

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Mythology Now: The Good Person

We “modern” people of the technological age tend to think of mythology as something from the past, but myth is still very much alive today, and it is in some ways just as pervasive as ever precisely because we are … Continue reading

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