Thank God I wasn’t college material

Even though I’m going to graduate with my second college degree in May, I completely agree that college is not for everyone and that we need to stop pushing everyone toward it. A large portion of my education comes from my personal studies and work experience rather than from my degree work. A lot of people think that what you’ll get at a university is an education. You might or you might not. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it, and if you put in someone who is not academically inclined and would thrive in a trade of their own choice, you’re doing them a great disservice.

The Matt Walsh Blog

I remember when I first learned that I was destined to be a failure.

I think it was ninth grade, or maybe tenth, and I was sitting in afterschool detention. I’d been sentenced to hard time for being late to class, even though I had a valid excuse. See, I was only late because I hated school with a burning passion. I dreaded every class, every assignment, every test, every worksheet, every mound of busywork, every shallow and forced interaction with peers I couldn’t relate to or connect with or understand; every moment, every second, every part, every inch of every aspect of my public educational experience. I hated it. I hated all of it. I was suffocating.

It had been ten years of public school up to that point and it wasn’t getting better. It never would, and I knew it. I was able to hang on for a long time, managing adequate grades, even…

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