Annual Aphorisms 2013

Below are some of my thoughts from the past year, thoughts based on what I’ve learned from life this past year.

“So many people search desperately for their other half. Some of them wonder why I do not. It’s because I am not a half. I don’t need someone to complete me, just a companion on life’s journey.”


“A deep and lasting joy is not found in acquiring things, controlling others, or experiencing pleasures. It is found in a decision to delight in the wonders of life rather than wallow in its difficulties, to greet the challenges of life with a gratitude for the opportunity to grow in facing them, and to see your fellow human beings in terms of their magnificent potential rather than dwelling on their faults.”


“The courage to carry on comes from love. And by love I do not mean warm and fuzzy feelings, for those will not last. By love I do not mean the infatuation with a budding relationship or a new toy. Love is much deeper than an emotional high; it is the smooth and powerful current in the ocean rather than the choppy waves of our emotions. It is a commitment and a gift rather than a sentiment or a payment.”


“It is not enough to find love. It is not enough to foster love. It is not enough to love. We are called to a radical decision to become love, to saturate our being with love, to suffuse our environment with love. Love must become our substance as much as our sustenance.”

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