The Purpose-Driven Death

It all starts with the story of a life, a story which always ends.

Much has been made in recent years of having a purpose-driven life, and I think that sometimes we forget not only the importance of having a central purpose in life, but also how important that purpose is in steering us toward our death.

The thing that Mr. Ali is correctly identifying in what he calls “waithood” is a lack of purpose, and also that belonging to a dynamic group is a great way to find a purpose.  I’ve been in that state of “waithood” and finally found valuable purposes of many kinds.  My life has been far better qualitatively since then.

Human beings need purpose, and a society which does not provide productive purposes to its members is leaving the gate wide open for destructive purposes to wander in and muck things up.

I hope for a world in which finding a productive purpose that will shape our lives for the better is as easy as finding sand in the desert or waves in the ocean.  Let us give those who come after us opportunities to find a productive purpose and recognize those who came before us for their continuing purpose.  I would like to die with purpose, but let it be quietly and with love in my heart.

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