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Fair Questions: What is socialism?

One of my friends asked a question on Facebook after being unable to find a useful answer by other means.  The following is my extended answer to the question and some general observations. As a general piece of advice I’ll … Continue reading

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Evolution Fight Roils Texas Textbook Debate

Originally posted on U.S.:
After a contentious late-night meeting, the Texas State Board of Education on Thursday declined to approve the use of a biology textbook due to concerns about what some say are 20 factual errors, many of…

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Unfair Questions: Do You Like Pope Francis?

It’s difficult to read anything for public consumption on the internet these days without seeing references to Pope Francis.  Just take a gander at CNN’s Belief Blog, which is a veritable buffet of articles about Pope Francis.  You might find … Continue reading

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The Purpose-Driven Death

It all starts with the story of a life, a story which always ends. Much has been made in recent years of having a purpose-driven life, and I think that sometimes we forget not only the importance of having a … Continue reading

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The Obamacare ‘scandal’ you haven’t heard about

Originally posted on CNN Belief Blog:
By John Blake, CNN (CNN) — The Rev. Timothy McDonald gripped the pulpit with both hands, locked eyes with the shouting worshippers, and decided to speak the unspeakable. The bespectacled Baptist minister was not confessing…

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Fair Questions: What are the Tenets of Progressivism?

Previously I have written about what demarcates conservatism from other political philosophies, and now I would like to examine progressivism in the interest of fairness.  As a disclaimer, I must admit that I am not a progressive.  This is not … Continue reading

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Fair Questions: Whence inequality?

I was once asked to identify the root cause of inequality.  While many people would talk about capitalism or the state at this point, I think that the roots are much deeper than ideology. From a naturalistic perspective, inequality is … Continue reading

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