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The War on Words: Marriage and Homophobia

I may have an English degree, but I’ll be the first to admit that English is a really messed-up language in some respects.  Part of the cause of this situation is that we have a war on words.  Various groups … Continue reading

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Up and Outsourced

Outsourcing labor to other countries in which labor is cheaper and taxes are more favorable is often seen as a BAD THING.  Oh, those naughty corporate bigwigs who send jobs overseas to the people in crushing poverty and raise their … Continue reading

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The Ironic Curtain

CurrentlySoviet Foreign Policy, 1917-1941By George Frost Kennansee related One of the things I mentioned in a discussion with @mtngirlsouth on @SimianMusings post about the Presidential election is how many similarities there are when you compare Russia’s situation prior to its … Continue reading

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The War on Labor

There’s a war on everything these days.  The War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the War on Women, and the War on Christmas.  Now, some of those may not actually look like warfare in the slightest and may just … Continue reading

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There Is No Free Market

Also, there is no spoon.  But seriously, I’ve long been in favor of free markets.  Even in college, a time when people are apparently supposed to reject traditional ideas in favor of shiny new ideas like the philosophy of John … Continue reading

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The Fortune of the Poor

Why are the poor not rich?  Why are the rich not poor?  Why do we ask questions like this which imply an overly simplistic rigid duality that shouldn’t and often doesn’t exist?  That last question is actually a really good … Continue reading

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Wealth (In)Equality

There has been much debate over the nature of wealth inequality, which is the simple fact that some have more resources than others.  For some folks, wealth inequality is viewed as a good thing.  After all, someone needs to create … Continue reading

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The Sky is Falling

As noted earlier in my pulse, I enjoyed watching the hilarity ensue after the recent SCOTUS decision regarding the controversial individual mandate provision of our country’s most recent attempt at healthcare reform.  No matter the outcome, the sky would have … Continue reading

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