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The Twilight Zone

I seem to live much of my life in the twilight zone, a morass of oddities and abnormalities which provoke serious thought and lighthearted disgust, an appreciation of organic beauty and a depreciation of the synthetic ugliness that so permeates … Continue reading

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How I Became a Racist

Is there a more incredibly stupid thing than disliking or hating someone based on the amount of melanin in their skin?  Perhaps there is and it’s just difficult for me to think of it at the moment. My experience with … Continue reading

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Open Minds

CurrentlyChariots of the Gods?By Erich Von Danikensee related   One of the most hilarious phrases I hear people utter on a regular basis is, “You’re so open-minded!”  I notice that this phrase generally follows my agreeing with them (or at … Continue reading

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Misinformation Age

Currently Listening to Information AgeDistort YourselfBy Institutesee related   Our age is sometimes characterized by the sheer amount of information available to us.  This is the Information Age, an age in which an increasing number of people in the world … Continue reading

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Investing in Futures

CurrentlyChildren of Dune (Dune Chronicles, Book 3)By Frank Herbertsee related   Futures have long fascinated many members of our species.  For thousands of years we have often desired to know our own futures and have gone to great lengths to … Continue reading

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