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Two Skies

As I was driving home this evening, I was struck by the chiaroscuro of the heavens above me.  To my left was a beautiful sunset in shades of red and purple, a reminder of the brilliant light of day that … Continue reading

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An Evangelion is a liturgical book used by members of certain Christian rites in their services.  It contains the Gospel texts, and is generally bound in a manner that would be extremely uncommon for other kinds of books and has … Continue reading

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The Easy Way or The Hard Way

CurrentlyLive Free or Die Hard (Unrated Edition)By Bruce Willissee related In most cases, there are many ways to accomplish a task.  If you enjoy the occasional Hollywood film, you might have noticed that in certain cases, there seem to be … Continue reading

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How To Argue Badly: A Primer

Currently listening to Wonder What’s NextBy Chevellesee related I’ve been through a great many discussions, debates, and arguments in my life.  I can’t even blame that on all the Philosophy courses I took while getting my first degree, because a … Continue reading

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