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Effeminism is a very common part of our contemporary cultural thought process.  But wait!  Effeminism isn’t even a word in the English lexicon.  You can’t even find it on, which is a clear indication that I’m just making this … Continue reading

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The Comestible Experiments: Part 1

Lately I’ve been trying to teach myself to cook, and as usual I’ve abandoned the normal approach to learning to do anything and decided to try my own thing.  I’ve eaten a great deal of food in my life, cooked … Continue reading

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In Convenient Relationships

One of the most amazing things about our culture in the United States is how incredibly convenient so many things are for us.  We can change the temperature in many homes with the simplest of motions or the press of … Continue reading

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The Rule of the Stars

The rule of the stars has been apparent to human beings throughout much of the history of our race.  We have observed their shapes and configurations, their brightness and darkness, their regularities and changes.  We have associated the stars with … Continue reading

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Freedom of Religion

For those of us who live in the United States, freedom of religion is often a very serious issue.  There are variety of historical factors that have contributed to its importance, and what’s interesting to me about that history is … Continue reading

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The Virtue of Logic: Are You Logical?

Currently ReadingBeyond Good and EvilBy Friedrich Nietzschesee related Many months ago, I was walking past the lunch room at work and happened to overhear a discussion between two of my employees (at the time) about who had the more logical … Continue reading

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A Friendly Response to: “Is There A God?”

The following is a response to Nidan‘s post on Revelife: Is There a God? The Combatants Our minds are indeed filled with great questions, most of which don’t even begin to express the enormity of the task of providing accurate … Continue reading

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