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The Culture of Ennui

One of the many amazing things about our culture is the reduction in immediate survival pressures.  Food production has reached such an amazing rate that our government in the U.S. sometimes pays farmers to not produce food so that the … Continue reading

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A/Theism: Which takes more faith?

So I was reading one of the recent entries from #Agnophilo entitled The Faith of an Atheist, and it got me thinking about all the debates I’ve witnessed between atheists and theists, all the discussions I’ve had with members of … Continue reading

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Self-reflection is an amazing and powerful experience in which your consciousness views your existence, seen clearly in the light from the mirror of our thoughts.  It is a process that comes highly recommended by many psychologists as an aid to … Continue reading

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For many of those born to my generation, finding friendships or romance is all about chemistry.  That elusive time in life when things just click with another person, when the conversation comes easily and naturally, and you find yourself feeling … Continue reading

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The Gift of Suffering

I have been the recipient of many gifts in the course of my life.  I was given a loving extended family, a mother who sacrificed much for me, and a stepfather who has done the same.  I was given a … Continue reading

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Novus Aetas

The New Age is an old phenomenon.  As soon as humanity began to measure the passage of time using the seasons and celestial movements, significance was assigned to the ticks of nature’s clocks.  Supernatural and cultural events were scheduled to … Continue reading

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