Sacred Somewhere

Many of us long for a place in which we feel safe enough that our fears melt away.  A place in which we feel loved enough that our insecurities disappear.  A place of extraordinary beauty and pleasant atmosphere that does not offend the senses in any way.  A place of peace and tranquility that allows us distance from the craziness of modern life.

This place could be in the rugged mountains, on an open windblown plain, in a parched desert, or a beach on the ocean.  This place could be in our family homestead, at a friend’s apartment, a favorite shop or restaurant, or a house of prayer and worship.  This place could be almost anywhere.

But it’s not.  There’s no sacred somewhere that alleviates all our pain and wipes away our cares.  There’s no special somewhere that eliminates all our insecurities and cleanses our past mistakes.  There’s no magical somewhere in which we can enjoy all the good things to be had in life and avoid all the evil present in our lives.

That’s because we carry the good and the evil inside us.  We take the pain, the insecurities, the joys, and the goodwill we cultivate inside of us wherever we may roam.  We can’t escape ourselves.

So if you’re looking for a sacred somewhere, please stop and develop all the things you want in life inside your own heart, your own mind, your own body.  If you can manage to create that sacred somewhere inside yourself, you can be in that place no matter where or when your life ends.  And when my life ends, I’m certain that I’d like to be resting somewhere sacred.


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3 Responses to Sacred Somewhere

  1. raiderjester says:

    Good post, and good to see you on Xanga again.

  2. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @raiderjester – Thanks!  Hopefully when I have my laptop fully functional again I can be on more regularly.

  3. raiderjester says:

    @Nous_Apeiron – Excellent. Your wisdom is missed.

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