I’ve come to realize over my vast years of experience (25) that the reason I like to have close friends or to be in a romantic relationship is very simple.  I enjoy genuine companionship.  I’m not looking for affirmation.  After all, I get plenty of that for doing a great job at my place of business.  I’m not looking for sex.  After all, I can get that easily enough too.  I don’t have a driving, unhealthy need to care for another person.  After all, I’ve been very happy living a solitary life for extended periods of time.

I just like having companions on the journey through life.  And what’s more, I’m very choosy about which people are my companions on that journey.  Not everyone makes a good traveling companion, and I’ve learned that having a bad companion is much more dangerous than having no companion.

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2 Responses to Companionship

  1. sumeoj says:

    I agree. Better to be alone than to be in a group that drags you down. Or even worse, a group that sees you as a filler, rather than a genuine unique person. Methinks that those who are afraid to be alone and constantly going out are afraid of facing themselves and their own thoughts.

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