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Elephants and Analogies

Elephants are like analogies in that they can be viewed from many different perspectives.  Elephant analogies, therefore, can be viewed from so many perspectives that you could get dizzy.  One such perspective is espoused by Justin_DeBin.  He asks some great … Continue reading

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Most romantic relationships in stories, whether those stories are transmitted to use via book, movies, or television, feature a certain amount of tension.  Maybe the tension exists because of unrequited love, or a mutual attraction that neither party will act … Continue reading

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Fundamental Christianity

Odds are good that the essence of Christianity is something other than what you think it is, whether you’re a Christian or not.  For many, doctrines of salvation are the essential issue in Christianity.  For others, a comprehensive study of … Continue reading

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I’ve come to realize over my vast years of experience (25) that the reason I like to have close friends or to be in a romantic relationship is very simple.  I enjoy genuine companionship.  I’m not looking for affirmation.  After … Continue reading

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