The Solution to the Problem with Problem-Solving

Problems are a fairly common problem for people to have.  A lot of people think that the solution to these problems involve solving the problem.  I have a bad habit of thinking that way myself.  For example, my recent health issues.  I kept solving the problems as they came up without thinking that there was a larger issue that could not be addressed simply by solving the problem as a discrete entity.  What I was doing was treating the symptoms rather than trying to uncover the disease and attack it.  What I do at my job is to uncover the disease and attack it.  Somehow, I failed bring this thought process home with me.

I suspect that this is the same sort of thing that we do with our human societies as a whole as well as our global ecosystems.  Our focus is so often on the problems and how to solve them.  Banking crises, energy costs, divorce rates, etc.  All problems.  All things we want a solution for.  All things that we must fix by changing our selves, by changing our hearts, and by changing our behaviors as cultures.  The disease is within us.  Let’s slowly start to cure it, one action at a time, one good decision at a time.

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