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Replacing Religion

In the not-really-all-that-distant past, certain members of the group that were known as the logical positivists vocalized the notion that we could do away with religion and replace it with science and/or logic.  There have been a not insignificant number … Continue reading

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Finding Yourself

A lot of people seem to be intensely interested in finding themselves, in discovering what makes them tick, in seeking out that which makes them feel connected to whatever it is they wish to be connected to.  They spend years … Continue reading

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Should I Have Felt Something?

A couple weeks ago I was walking out of church, and as I usually do, I surveyed the area.  I saw my ex-girlfriend there off to my right in the midst of four other people, which was not quite so … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Want To Argue With Atheists

When I first read the post If I wanted to argue with atheists by SirNickDon, I was sympathetic with his points about objectivism as he described it, very much agreeing that there is no neutral ground on which we can … Continue reading

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