There is danger in the air and in the water, in the people we love and the things we hate.  There is danger in the beautiful and in the ugly, in the smile of an enemy and the frown of an ally.  There is danger in you and danger in me, in the deepest darkness and the brightest light.  There is danger in truth and in lies, in seconds of destruction and millenia of peace.  There is danger in silence and in speech, in life and in death.  There is danger in emptiness and in fullness, in the passive and the aggressive.  There is danger in killing and in healing, in music and cacophony. 

There is danger in the dreams to which we cling and in those we trample under our feet.  There is danger in changing our lives and in letting them stagnate.  There is danger in the fears we allow to paralyze us and in the courage that emboldens us.  There is danger in the seductive attempts to persuade and in the honest attempts to obliterate.

Danger is in everything and in nothing.  If we were but aware of the extent of the danger we face in each moment of our existence, I suspect we would be more appreciative of that existence, so remarkable in its persistence in the face of danger.

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