That calm and tranquil feeling that most people recognize as a moment of serenity is a near-constant state of existence for me. 

Thousands of thoughts can be tumbling around in my mind, and yet my brain coldly calculates the next course of action without hesitation.  I can be assaulted by a dozen different emotions at once, and yet my perceptions remain clear.  I can be surrounded by a flurry of activity, and yet my actions are clean and efficient in the midst of chaos.

My finances have been ruined by unemployment because the small business I worked for went under, and yet I remain.  My body has been damaged by serious injury and debilitated by grave illness, and yet I remain.  My heart has been broken by forbidden love and horrific betrayal, and yet I remain.  My soul has been bloodied and darkened by pain and sin, and yet I remain.

Take every object I own and every person I love away from me, and I will remain.  Destroy any possibility that I will ever realize my dreams and divest me of my hopes, and I will remain.

Kill me, and you simply take from me a gift that I never earned, leaving me with even less over which to cry. 

I’ve found sweet serenity, and you can’t take her from me.

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2 Responses to Serenity

  1. Wow…Your description of it was simple and fluent like philosophical poetry. 

  2. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @Girl_Without_Pity – Thank you.  🙂   I’m glad you like it.

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