In a very interesting way, much of our life is built upon matrices.  From the nuclear matrix to the germinal matrix to the scoring matrix which is used for assessing our performance at school or work, our lives are borne up and hemmed in by these structures of reality despite their constant irritating variability.  I understand that most of us would rather commute from reality to fantasy in an effort to escape the harsh and inevitable algebraic effects of a society built by linear minds, but those values do not negate their real properties simply because they are synthetic.  If we set ourselves firmly, not indulging in terms of null value or leaving the remainders of our lives transposed into mere geometric proofs of existence, then we can distribute ourselves more freely and associate with the imaginary without subtracting any of our rational qualities so that the surface of this spheroid upon which we dwell may not suffer from our deriving sustenance from it in amounts greater than its recursive algorithms can functionally replace given its finite and natural state.  If we could but leave these vast interconnected matrices whole rather than dividing them into discrete units whose value does not equal the sum of the parts, our relations with them might improve exponentially over time.  As part of the matrix, we can choose to help balance the equation even with our finite abilities because the effects of our actions can approach infinity.

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