The Barrier

Our lives are often full of relationships with family, friends, lovers, and acquaintances.  And there is often a barrier that exists in one or more of those relationships.  Maybe it’s something simple like geographical distance or complex like a lot of emotional baggage.  Maybe it’s that you just have a hard time being fully open with another person.  Maybe it’s that the other person is just naturally not the talkative sort.  Maybe you both just have vastly different backgrounds or values.  It could even be that you just don’t want to be that close to them, or that they would rather not associate with you all that much.

Whatever barriers there are in our relationships, we have a choice to make.  We can let the barrier stand or burn it down.

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2 Responses to The Barrier

  1. leaflesstree says:

    taking down barriers is very difficult, but usually worth it. i think. i hope.

  2. echois23 says:

    I have recently learned that tearing down the walls can be a dangerous heart rending prospect. But it will also be worth the pain in the end as @leaflesstree said…. I hope. In the middle of the process will let folks know how it comes out later.

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