There remains the remote chance that in some distant future, you will be a legend, that your life’s work and your character will be lauded and likely embellished by those who come after you.  Maybe you will be a legend at your workplace, or in your family, or to the whole world.

Do you live as if you want to become a legend, drawing attention to yourself and to your good qualities?  Or do you live in quiet desperation, hoping that we won’t see your bad qualities, perhaps even hoping that you won’t be able to see your own flaws?  Do you just live as if each day is a chance to become something better than you were the day before?

Regardless of how you live, you probably have little control over whether you become a legend or not.  You aren’t responsible for the embellished tales people might tell about your nobility or vindictiveness, your generosity or your violence.  Even if people heal in your name or kill in your name, they made their own choices.  And that is all that can be asked of you.  You may not be able to entirely control how people remember you, but you can control the truth of how you live, the reality of your deeds. 

Hopefully, the truth will influence the legend if it comes to pass one day when you, your friends, children, and grandchildren are resting alongside all those who may or may not be remembered generations hence.  Take heart in the fact that the truth of your actions will mean far more in the end than the legend you become.

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One Response to Legend

  1. I would think that a legend most likely would not know they were a legend until they’re on their way out anyway, if they are the right kind of legend and not just someone looking for notoriety.

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