The Anatomy of Choice

Possibilities are the ever flowing river upon which our lives either drift aimlessly or are steered resolutely.  The great opportunity we have is that we can use our choices to either expand or contract the flow of those possibilities.  The great danger we face is that in exercising this power we possess, we can often destroy possibilities that would have been precious blessings for us or allow possibilities that will lead to great harm for us.

We can choose to exclude most of the possibilities that other people might hurt us by withdrawing from the world and from any kind of closeness to other people, but by that same choice we close off an equal number of possibilities for sharing joy, laughter, and love with those people.  We can choose to open our minds to the amazing possibilities for belief and understanding and wisdom, but by that same choice we open our minds to an equal number of possibilities for stupidity, misunderstanding, and falsehood.

If we truly wish, we can try to dam up the river of possibilities, restricting them so thoroughly by choosing not to act that our lives become closed to all but the smallest trickle of the spontaneity and surprise that makes our lives so interesting and worthwhile.

Whatever choices you make, be sure to acknowledge the possibilities you invoke, because possibilities have an unfortunate tendency to become realities, and a reality is much more difficult to destroy than a possibility.

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2 Responses to The Anatomy of Choice

  1. you listen to disturbed too?! NICE!

  2. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @Chinese_Sait0u – Yup.  I have all their albums, actually. 🙂

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