Weapons are generally feared by those who do not have them and loved by those who do.  Our society, along with many others in the past, has developed numerous restrictions on the transport and use of weapons, whether simple cutting tools or complex munitions or nuclear devices.  Not only do we fear the weapons, we also fear those who have no compunction about using them without good cause.  The incredible harm than can result from the combination of people of bad faith and weapons of war is an understandable concern.

On the other hand, our fears may be to some extent unwarranted and irrational.  After all, I don’t need a knife or a gun to kill people very effectively.  In fact, at close range, I could do you in more quickly without anything typically classed as a weapon.  My body is rather handy as a means of causing harm, but we don’t restrict the ability of martial artists to fly on airplanes as a result.

Most of us fail to understand that we are ourselves the most powerful weapons of all.  Our minds can devise means of hurting others that cause pain more profound than napalm, our lives can be of far greater impact than a smart bomb, and our love more powerful than shock and awe.

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3 Responses to Weapons

  1. Love how you ended this.

  2. leaflesstree says:

    too true. you don’t have to have a weapon to take a hostage, to cause people pain, or  to hijack a plane. i suppose the only way to ensure a plane (or bus or train) would not be hijacked would be to treat the passengers like prisoners…. Not only that, nearly anything could be used as a weapon. A pen? A pencil? someone’s laptop or phone? The seat belt? Do we prohibit luggage entirely?

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