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Weapons are generally feared by those who do not have them and loved by those who do.  Our society, along with many others in the past, has developed numerous restrictions on the transport and use of weapons, whether simple cutting … Continue reading

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Diagnosis is the process that, when it functions correctly, allows doctors to find what ails you.  Once the problem is understood, addressing the problem can begin and chances of success are high.  On the other hand, a failed process of … Continue reading

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What is Love?

Baby don’t hurt me… I know, it’s a terrible joke, but I couldn’t help myself.  The truth is that I have been thinking yet again about what love is and how we can determine whether or not we are experiencing … Continue reading

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Throughout the history of our species, we have retained a concept both notable and curious: honor.  We believe that those who have honor keep their promises, hold fast to their principles, and stand assuredly upon the beliefs that guide their … Continue reading

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