So many of us desire harmony within ourselves and feel a certain discomfort when we encounter the disharmony that is so ubiquitous in this world; the war, the rape, the starvation…it all conspires to ruin our sense that things are in right order with each other.  I suspect that our discomfiture at the lack of harmony in our world is reflective of our insecurity about the disharmony of our own existence.  We perceive, whether we want to or not, that all parts of us are not in their right order.  We know intuitively that we are imperfect, lacking of the kind of wholesomeness that would leave us at peace with ourselves and all that is in existence.

But many times we try to bury that instinctive knowledge of our own flaws.  We rationalize our behaviors, regardless of how hurtful or stupid or reckless they might be, because if we don’t…the illusion is broken.  And we like that illusion, the one that allows us to persist in the belief that things are good enough, that a few evils here and there are acceptable, that we don’t have to try to improve.  After all, why would we try?  We’re good people.  Maybe we don’t even tell ourselves that much.  Maybe we just say that we’re not bad people, and that really, it’s those other people over there that are the bad ones.  It’s enough that we don’t feel the need to confront the disharmony within us.  We can just continue to let it feed the same old evils that leave our world fragmented and jumbled and simply never quite right with itself.

It’s a shame to refrain from facing one’s own imperfection.  It’s only through striving to overcome the evil inside of us that we can liberate the world from the evils we’ve strangled it with.  When each one of us, great and small, has reached harmony as an individual, we will be able to reach it in our world.  A harmonious and peaceful world starts with you, and with me.  We are responsible for it, each and every person, in every given moment.

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One Response to Harmony

  1. I think I needed to hear/read/realize this (now). Thanks.

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