Resurrection so rarely occurs in a physical sense.  But I find myself frequently dying in the process of living.  In every year that passes amidst this swirling existence, I shed my skin, sloughing off the parts that are just holding me back from being a better person, and I am born anew.

These times of death are so crucial to my continued growth that I find myself wanting to die more often.  What most people believe to be living is simply surviving, existing in a state of stagnation or gradual degradation for as long as possible.  We so often fail to understand that as soon as we stop growing, we start dying in a far more profound way than in the physical sense.  Our souls begin to unravel, and entropy starts its deadly work upon our minds and hearts, killing what makes life worthwhile.  By accepting the deaths that accompany genuine personal development, we can avoid the death that destroys everything of importance.

Some people never want to stop living.  I never want to stop dying.

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