Many people in my generation make much of being liberated.  They want to be liberated from patriarchal social norms that serve little purpose aside from the perpetuation of male privilege.  They want to tear down the barriers of racism and ethnocentrism and cultural imperialism.  They want to resolve the economic injustices that they believe to be created by the greedy corporations and allowed by our elected officials.  They want to be free of what they see as needlessly restrictive morals and fairy-tale ways of thinking imposed upon them by ancestral religious traditions.  They want to be unburdened by the practical realities of life and have all the time they desire to express themselves.

Sadly, most of them have not the first clue as to how liberation is achieved.  They will not be liberated by obliterating restrictions upon the realization of their desires.  They will not be liberated by reducing their belief set to a bare minimum with the help of Occam’s Razor (only 9.99 with this special TV offer!).  They will not be liberated by ending systemic unfair discrimination.  They will not be liberated when reinforcing male privilege by expecting women to give their bodies to men after a couple months of dating rather than after the ritual of marriage. 

In the process of extricating ourselves from the chains of social and intellectual viruses, we human beings often act as pendulums, swinging back in the opposite direction once we are pressed too far.  The problem is that this behavior just allows us to find ourselves bound by a very different set of social and intellectual diseases.  This ruins any efforts at liberation because we simply trade one form of slavery for another.  Stop allowing the world to rule you by prompting you to act in reaction to it or in slavery to it, and instead make your choices independent of social expectations.  It is a key step on the road to the liberation you seek.

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10 Responses to Liberated

  1. leaflesstree says:

    this reminds me of a saying on the side of my starbuck’s cup this morning. i forget the exact wording, but it had to do with finding freedom in commitment, whether it be to a routine, a person, or a job. so much is made of freedom (especially in this country), but i wonder if maybe it’s not such a good thing if you don’t know what to do with yourself. at least if you’re committed to something, be it a belief or a person, you are liberated from worry. 

  2. I guess the younger generation (err our generation) has developed a different conception of being “liberated”. It has become loosely and lightly defined.

  3. Alyxandri says:

    I think that complete liberation can only come when one person is isolated from all others.people impose upon other people. that isn’t going to change. the standards change. the nature of humans does not.<3

  4. leaflesstree says:

    @Alyxandri – but isn’t self-imposed isolation a form of restriction? even if it’s self-imposed…there’s something that you can’t do…you can’t see other people. just a thought.

  5. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @leaflesstree – I do agree that commitment is liberating, but not the sense that it frees you from worry.  (That has to do with overcoming fear.)Commitment is liberating because in committing one’s self, one makes a profound choice.  When that choice is made, we are no longer slaves to our bodily urges.  When that choice is made, we can act in the world rather than simply reacting to it and allowing it to rule us in doing so.@diane_florence – I think our generation has some pretty clear ideas about what it means to be liberated.  The problem isn’t that it’s ill-defined, but that it’s incorrectly defined.  As a generation, we’ve traded certain kinds of slavery for other kinds of slavery, thinking that just because we do something differently, it’s better.  I like to point out that execution by hanging is very different from execution by broadsword, but both have the same key result.@Alyxandri – @leaflesstree – I’m going to disagree with both of you here.  I don’t think that people’s impositions upon us are what keeps us from liberation.  And I don’t think that our own restrictions on our behavior necessarily keep us from it either.  Our options are always limited.  I can’t flap my arms and fly like a bird, for example.  And I can’t go around killing people whenever it strikes my fancy because other people will impose their will upon me eventually.  I can’t buy a Saleen S7 because I don’t have the money.  But the fact that I can’t do things isn’t what prevents liberation.  It’s that we don’t choose.  We let life happen to us rather than deciding what we will do with that life.Anyway, that’s my random maunderings for the day.  I appreciate y’alls comments.  I hope you have a good day tomorrow. 🙂

  6. Alyxandri says:

    @leaflesstree – I guess I was just talking about people who don’t necessarily want to be social with others. If you have to force yourself to be alone, then it is wrong for you. if it is something that feels natural for you, then it is freedom.I see what you mean though. I suppose I was thinking about myself personally rather than people in general.<3

  7. who’s face is that and where’s it from in your profile picture? 0_o

  8. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @AzrihaEatsWorld – It is the face of Megatron from the Transformers movie.

  9. Azriha says:

    @Nous_Apeiron – Revenge of the fallen? what the nutz? really? holey sheeeeet. alot better than the first movie… interesting. where’d you get it from? i want it as the background for my netbook!

  10. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @Azriha – I honestly don’t remember.  I found it randomly in a Google image search.

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