As I float atop the only river deep enough to drown the extraneous sensations bombarding my perceptual mechanisms with infinite sequences of data to be processed without prejudice, I find myself cresting and troughing in much the same manner as a sinusoidal function captured in between the lines that mathematicians have created as a cage for that which knows no bounds in order that they might indulge in a petty desire to comprehend some small portion of infinite beauty.  So few seem to be aware of the debilitating conclusions we derive from viewing only the one small drop of a vast ocean in which variables are teeming and relations changing amidst our struggles for epistemic certainty and the false logical consistency stemming from blind obedience to the laws of non-contradiction and the excluded middle, both of which are fraught with the dangers of a rationalism entangled with a dualistic and oppositional intellectual framework. 

It is upon these stormy seas of mental conflations that I first learned to swim in the currents threatening to carry us into depths from which we shall not return regardless of what walls of classification and girders of formal structure that we surround ourselves with so that we might feel secure in our knowledge of the eddies that we generate by the passage of our temporal vessels, which are merely products of our existence and not indicative of the objective nature of this reality.  Perhaps there will come a day when we will traverse these waters not with ships made of proofs and formulas, but by drifting along the axiomatic currents under the blazing sunlight of sight without preconception or fear of the possible truths lurking below the surface that threatens to capsize the frail beliefs to which we cling as we float…

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3 Responses to Navigations

  1. That’s a mouthful.Almost breathless reading after every sentence.I think by this you mean we should accept that there is something bigger than us, and bigger for  us, but not all of that have a readied scientific answer or logical explanation-yet we must have faith…

  2. @Nous_Apeiron – whew!why didn’t you just say so?! lol

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