Most people do not wish to be singular.  They wish to be like the moon, orbiting around another, intertwined by forces beyond their understanding.  They think that it is possible to exist without those forces, and they are wrong.  The universe is saturated with boundless energy and love, forces that are inextricably linked into every facet of our existence.  We are always wrapped up in a beautiful multiplicity of being, caught in a web of infinite diversity.

Ironically, I find that the best way to experience the vast interconnected matrix of life is while alone, with no distractions to prevent me from experiencing the brimming reality that permeates and surrounds us.  In an odd way, it takes being singular to really understand how far we are from it.

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5 Responses to Singular

  1. i may be flattering myself, but i think im one of those people who can exist without the presence of others…

  2. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @Chinese_Sait0u – Just about anyone can exist without the presence of others.  But it takes an unusual person to actually enjoy being alone for an extended period of time.  Who knows, maybe you’re one of those people.

  3. @Nous_Apeiron – im not sure if that’s a good or bad thing

  4. Alyxandri says:

    sometimes I avoid my friends so I can enjoy my own company.anyway. you interest me. I’m subscribing if that’s ok.<3

  5. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @Alyxandri – No problem.  Good luck with the whole avoiding your friends thing. 🙂

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