People like to be comfortable with who they are.  Most of us become uncomfortable when our life does not match our expectations and the standards we hold for our own behavior.  We experience disequilibrium, sensing that our intentions are not synchronized with our reality.  Naturally, we try to regain our equilibrium, either by changing our standards to match reality or by changing reality to match our standards, perhaps even by some combination of both. 

But there is another way of approaching disequilibrium.  One can exist in such a way that equilibrium is always just out of reach by raising your standards as often as you can manage to live up to them.  Disequilibrium does not have to be a problem to be resolved.  It can be an effective means of avoiding the stagnation and directionless living that so often accompanies the equilibrium we seek.

My goal is not to be comfortable, but to be better, and so I have become accustomed to disequilibrium.

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  1. Very interesting thoughts.

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