Living Sacrifice

Historically, a sacrifice was someone or something that had to endure death or obliteration so that others might benefit.  Today, it seems to have developed a broader range of meaning.  We describe any time that a person chooses to give something valuable up for the benefit of others a sacrifice.  A person can give 80 hours a week of their time working to support their family.  A person can give up a couple hundred dollars of their earnings to charity every month so that others can eat even though that couple hundred dollars is all that’s keeping them from living below the poverty line  A person might give one of their kidneys so that a dying family member might live.  In short, a person can be a living sacrifice for others.

Sacrifice might seem like a losing proposition for the proverbial sacrificial lamb.  After all, you have to give up something valuable, and it’s generally not something that can be replaced.  But making sacrifices is what allows us to grow in character, to grow in strength, and to grow love between ourselves and the others who need us most.  Without sacrifices, no one would ever become an Olympic athlete.  Without sacrifices, no one would ever become a brilliant neurologist.  Without sacrifices, no one would ever become a great firefighter.

Who will you become if you make yourself a living sacrifice?

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