At Wisdom’s End

Some people spend much of their lives at wit’s end, saturated in confusion and fear about the next moment they encounter while moving through the temporal plane.  To live at wit’s end is to exist in a state of uncertainty and apprehension.  In a way, to live at wisdom’s end is merely the perfection of this state.

When a person lives at wisdom’s end, they exist in the same uncertainty that others do.  But their response to it is quite different.  Instead of fear and confusion, there is peace and curiosity.  A serenity is maintained during the process of seeking truth, an immensely valuable process that is never finished.  When one lives at wisdom’s end, there is understanding about why we live and acceptance of the reality that one will never have all the answers.  A person who sits at wisdom’s end is situated on the blurry spectrum containing reason and love, vulnerable and yet secure, open-minded but not easily swayed.

When you have met yourself without preconception, lived out love for all, and learned to perceive without defining, you have arrived at wisdom’s end, and finally found the beginning.

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6 Responses to At Wisdom’s End

  1. hm…i actually understood this post 100% unlike the other ones XD

  2. Isn’t that what you had on top of your site before you changed themes?oh wait, you’ve kept that line even now. Is that a favorite line of yours?”you have arrived at wisdom’s end, and finally found the beginning.” –a beginning of which there is no ending?

  3. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @diane_florence – It’s a favorite line of mine, yes.  It’s a way of conceptualizing the state of being that I prefer to be in.  That’s why I picked it as my blog title.The reason I stated that you’ve finally found the beginning is that I’ve found that I didn’t really start living until I found that state of existence, and that it’s a way of living in which (like a child) you are constantly at the beginning of your search for truth.

  4. I love your focus on seekign wisdom, but consider its source.  I find it in Jesus.  Do you feel you have a source?

  5. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @realungabunga – Jesus, the Divine Logos, is the only possible source of wisdom, good sir.

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