Love is Loss

Most of us view love as something to be gained, a precious prize to be cherished in every moment that it is ours to hold.  We are not wrong in this view.  But we often fail to consider too that love is a loss of considerable magnitude, the destruction of what so often holds our attention.

When we love, we lose the ability to be completely self-absorbed and egotistical.  When love enters our hearts, we lose much of the ill will previously harbored there.  When we are in love, another person becomes our world and their well-being our occupation.

Love is a tragedy for the self, a beginning of our dissolution in the divine.

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2 Responses to Love is Loss

  1. me, i think love is a loss of freedom XDas in, you lose your personality in order to better complement the person of your affection

  2. -then I would like to lose big time. =D

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