Existence in the Ultimate

There is something within our insignificant bodies that is of ultimate significance, and it drives us to find the ultimate, to which it belongs.  We call the ultimate by many names: Paradise, Utopia, Heaven, Nirvana, Tao, Loka.  We think that we can get there by our own efforts, by the beneficence of a divine being, or simply by living and dying.  Most of us feel in a very apt sense that we are alienated from Paradise, that it is another world separate from this one, a lost locale where perfection reigns.  But we are wrong.  It isn’t Paradise that’s lost.  It’s us.

We exist in the ultimate when we live in peace and serenity, when we live in a way that is loving to all, when we take joy in the experience of living that we are so fortunate to have.  Paradise is not on an alien world.  It ain’t hiding in another dimension.  It can be found within us, and it’s something we choose to unite ourselves with.  Once we find it there inside of us, Paradise is found, and so are we.

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6 Responses to Existence in the Ultimate

  1. Oh…sounds just like what i read in A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle o_o;

  2. Nous_Apeiron says:

    @Chinese_Sait0u – Interesting. I’ll have to check that book out. Thanks. 🙂

  3. @Nous_Apeiron – oprah promoted that book like mad so i gave in and told my mom to get it for me to read. turns out it lived up to the hype ^^

  4. wow, great post. i believe in heaven and that it is paradise, but us, living on earth, we can also make this our paradise.

  5. icechen28 says:

    umm, love this! it’s beautiful.

  6. fresh___x3 says:

    nice site! i also have to look into A New Earth…
    i think i’m looking for fulfillment but it’s hard to look past small, daily comforts. i have NO idea what it even means to partake in something universal, sublime, etc. is that even possible? i am always thinking about how to better myself, how to better this world, how to find contentment. sometimes i am touched by human nature and by nature, and i find myself glad to be alive and glad that i am able to feel. is that experiencing the ultimate?
    haha answer all these questions for me! now! jkjk…

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