The human experience is in large part a dance consisting of two steps.  We go through periods of purgation, a stripping away of those things that we no longer wish to keep as a part of ourselves, the destruction of what causes conflict within us.  We also go through periods of construction, a building of those things within us the serve us well in life, piecing together the parts of ourselves that allow us to move through life with a sense of contentment.

We humans, being prone to error, often misstep during this dance.  We step on the toes of others when we remove the love from our life, the joy from each moment, finding ourselves driven by self-pity and rage.  We trip ourselves up when we take the meditation out of our daily routines and replace it with getting drunk.  We fall to the floor painfully when we release what mattered most to us in order to gain wealth or power.

But when this dance of destruction and construction is performed properly, it is a wonderful element of the lives we live.  The dance keeps us moving through life rather than allowing life to move us, it is what brings beauty to our souls and keeps life interesting.

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4 Responses to (De/Con)struction

  1. I never thought about it that way,very well put.

  2. hmm….interesting. dat’s a unique/nice way of putting it.you’re right, we undergo a construction and destruction cycle constantly.

  3. I love this….    it is something that is so obvious in everyday life, but you point out the beautiful… almost brutal… honesty of it.


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