As a general observation, people seem to enjoy the sensation of victory, the thrill of winning a contest or competition.  As a culture, our notion of victory seems embedded with a sense that beating others is a necessary component thereof, that conquering another is what makes a person victorious.  We see victory in winning television trivia contests, in getting an award for excellence in one’s field over other colleagues, in getting a certain someone to date us rather than someone else, killing the other guys before they kill us.

My own understanding of victory is quite different.  For me, true victory is preventing battle and engendering harmony.  Like Sun-Tzu, I believe that victory lies in making oneself unconquerable and thus making the need to conquer irrelevant.  In essence, when you no longer need to win, you are victorious.

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3 Responses to Victory

  1. Makes me think…  “…let the power of love overcome the love of power..”… great post, as always!

  2. made me think of how aang beat the fire lord (refer to: avatar the last airbender)

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