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Existence in the Ultimate

There is something within our insignificant bodies that is of ultimate significance, and it drives us to find the ultimate, to which it belongs.  We call the ultimate by many names: Paradise, Utopia, Heaven, Nirvana, Tao, Loka.  We think that … Continue reading

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The human experience is in large part a dance consisting of two steps.  We go through periods of purgation, a stripping away of those things that we no longer wish to keep as a part of ourselves, the destruction of … Continue reading

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Missing the Future

It might seem an odd thing, upon consideration, to feel a sense of loss about something that one has never had.  But it is such a natural practice that we engage in.  We often miss the lover we wish we … Continue reading

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As a general observation, people seem to enjoy the sensation of victory, the thrill of winning a contest or competition.  As a culture, our notion of victory seems embedded with a sense that beating others is a necessary component thereof, … Continue reading

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Did we do the right thing?

After any big decision, many of us ask this question.  And after such a staggeringly important decision as electing the next President of the United States of America, we might wish to do some reflection after either the joy of … Continue reading

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Freedom means a variety of different things to all sorts of people.  For some, freedom is having rights.  The right to speak their opinions without reprisal from the government, the right to own property with having it taken from them … Continue reading

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